The Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden (2007)

Disc one

1. "No More Walks in the Wood"
2. "How Long"
3. "Busy Being Fabulous"
4. "What Do I Do with My Heart"
5. "Guilty of the Crime"
6. "I Don't Want To Hear Any More"
7. "Waiting in the Weeds"
8. "No More Cloudy Days"
9. "Fast Company"
10. "Do Something"
11. "You Are Not Alone"

Disc two

1. "Long Road Out of Eden"
2. "I Dreamed There Was No War"
3. "Somebody"
4. "Frail Grasp on the Big Picture"
5. "Last Good Time in Town"
6. "I Love to Watch a Woman Dance"
7. "Business as Usual"
8. "Center of the Universe"
9. "It's Your World Now"



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