VA - UEFA Euro 2008 Soundtrack (2008)

1. Don't Believe The Hype-Boys Noize
2. I'm Not Over -Carolina Liar
3. Air War -Crystal Castles
4. I Used To Dance With My Daddy_ Datarock
5. Attack Attack Attack- Ejectorseat
6. Becoming Insane-Infected Mushroom
7. Mad Pursuit -Junkie XL feat. Electrocute
8. Love The World -Karoshi Bros.
9. Casualty - Look See Proof
10. Take A Chance- Magic Numbers
11. The Boola Shines In A Pink Neon Room-Mendetz
12. Come Clean-Mexicolas
13. Operator Please -Get What You Want
14. Come On Feet -Pete And The Pirates
15. I'm Not Sorry -The Pigeon Detectives
16. I Will Wonder -The Features
17. Get It Boy -The Magnificents
18. A Cause Des Garcons (Riot In Belgium Remix) -Yelle
19. Your Music Is Killing Me - The Young Punx



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