Evanescence - Evanescence (Deluxe Edition 2011)

Bitrate : 320kbps
Sample Rate : 44100Hz


01. What You Want 3:41
02. Made Of Stone 3:33
03. The Change 3:42
04. My Heart Is Broken 4:29
05. The Other Side 4:05
06. Erase This 3:55
07. Lost In Paradise 4:42
08. Sick 3:30
09. End Of The Dream 3:49
10. Oceans 3:38
11. Never Go Back 4:27
12. Swimming Home 3:44
13. New Way To Bleed (Bonus Track) 3:46
14. Say You Will (Bonus Track) 3:43
15. Disappear (Bonus Track) 3:06
16. Secret Door (Bonus Track) 3:53
17. What You Want (Elder Jepson Remix) (iTunes Bonus Track) (3:18)



Canada said...

The album is very refined, much better than the last. Amy surprised the heck out of me by returning, more-than-less, to the old EP album style in a few of the songs all the while preserving the rock attributes they are known for mainstream in others. They tried lots of new styles, including a harp (in a bonus song), so you definitely do not hear the same song twice. I still miss the ghastly chills Ben Moody used to pack in some of the songs but Amy does try. More ballads would be nice too. Overall it's a fun album that won't wear out, personally I can't even figure out which song I like more. If you can get a hold of one with the four bonus songs you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

Anonymous said...

Aarrgghhh!! Wanted to buy the album but first I need to listen to its preview... but the links are not available anymore =.=